Posted by: thescoundrel | September 7, 2012

The Naked Emperor Barack Obama in his Own Words

I was reading on a website a few days back where a group of Democrat voters wee discussing the 2012 POTUS election. Several of them were lamenting that Obama  has moved too far to the center with his electioneering. One of the individuals then implied that the group was worrying too much about Obama’s attempting to portray himself as centrist.   Then the individual  went on to proclaim – it is not important how Obama portrays himself; because once he is in he can do whatever he wants. The statement was fairly indicative of Obama current term. Like with Obamacare  – Team Obama creates showtimes involving  smoke and mirrors with all his Progressive Statist legislature.  And when he can’t figure a way to get what he wants he creates an Executive Order to f0orce his will upon the country. I have no reason to believe he won’t continue to do the same should he manage a second term.  I have said this many times since he took office –>Obama is a Progressive Socialist-wannabe radical. And he is intelligent. He is so intelligent that he understands that to nudge a free Republic like the US towards becoming Socialist Europe – he must take baby-steps with his efforts. Obama has proven time-and-time again he is willing to do anything, say anything, deceive and obfuscate about anything; even when it requires him  to throw close friends and confidants under the bus. And what better display of that than Barack Obama’s very own words and thoughts to expose to the World, that the would-be Emperor Obama has no clothes–>



  1. We still find it hard to believe people are the buying the bull he’s shipping.
    Even Clinton sold his soul to endorse Obama. We’re starting think this
    is all a nightmare and we’ll wake up soon.

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