Posted by: thescoundrel | September 11, 2012

Famous Hollywood Director Defends Incest – Love Who You Want

Caution the following post deals with adult subject matter and for some may contain objectionable subject matter and links.

The bastion of Progressive ideology – Hollywood, which uses it various media formats as propaganda to push progressive philosophy morally and politically, especially on Television and in the Movies- has another member of the Hollywood Elite –Nick Cassavetes– aggressively promoting the sexual deviancy of incest to protect  and promote his theatrical work. In a recent interview he equates incest with homosexuality; as a non-judgmental sexual lifestyle. Personally I find the idea of incest – a perversion boundary that is unacceptable to cross. It is a practice widely used in plant and animal breeding. I suppose in a Nietzschean philosophy you could use the survival of the fittest as reasoning.  But then I am a traditionalist and find most modern alternate sexual activity as incorrect behavior. Society has become legally and morally acceptant to many alternate sexual activities – that in the past were considered morally repugnant. One time, long ago, in a discussion seeking to flame the conversation I posed a similar statement to Mr. Cassavetes. And though I personally have problems with incestuous relationships – while Mr. Cassavetes compares incest with homosexuality, if you consider many of the other modern sexual fetishes – casual sex , open marriages and relationships, hotwifing and cuckolding practices- which can include pregnancy risk activities;  plus medical practices where artificial insemination has created individuals that have biologically fathered multiple children –in at least one case over 150 children; how far off can Mr. Cassavetes be in his justification of consanguineous relationships? Will there be a day in the near future where the GLBT organization becomes the GLBTI organization. I hope not but them I am a traditionalist. If so I sure Hollywood will be even more openly riding to the rescue of incestuous relationships.


  1. Incest and pedophilia in Soviet movies: video and comments:

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