Posted by: thescoundrel | September 20, 2012

The Historical Account of the Obama Intellect

The Bush Deranged were and still get a kick out of his foot in mouth moments. Starting with the 2008 Obama campaign – the Obama media disciples and the mindless zombie Obamatons have constantly promoted the greatness of the Obama intellect. The interesting part of modern media content is that words continue to live on in cyberspace – even when Obama disciples attempt to obfuscate the gaffes.  The Obama intellect from his own mouth. I would have expected better from the President that once announced he had visited all of the 57 States in the US except for Alaska and Hawaii.



  1. Hilarious link!

    Here’s a compliment to it, but since I don’t trust myself to do html anymore, here’s the raw link:

    Be prepared to either be disgusted or lol yer keester off!

  2. LOL losing your touch? I never was any good at typing html, my typing is atrocious. I have a html document page with some previous html links I just change the old links to the new links then paste them into my document. Your link didn’t work originally – I fixed it. I had to change the 2010 to 2012.

    The link is spot on – Obama followers are really the Obama cult. I stated early on in his 2008 campaign he was just the newest version of Elmer Gantry.

  3. Thanks for the assist, S. I was never adept at links even when I was blogging—mostly because I could never figure out the cut and paste thing and so would have to write them down then put them in by hand. My “labor of love” was labor intensive!

    The fact that I put in 2010 for 2012 means that now I have lost most of my typing skills as well. 😀

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