Posted by: thescoundrel | September 29, 2012

The Truth of Income Redistribution

When an individual decides to take your money without seeking your permission by playing Robbing Hood at a bank, it is called theft. When Government officials like the leadership in France or Team Obama  in the US take your money without your permission, it is called Income Redistribution. When caught, Robbing Hood will be sent to prison for years. Citizens will clap and yell to the court system –  job well done, justice is served.  The conundrum of life is that after four years of brazenly taking money from taxpaying citizens –> Team Obama, seeks four more taxpayer paid years in office, in order to continue to play Robbing Hood. And after his reelection the courts will say income redistribution is no harm, no foul while the citizens stolen from can expect no justice.



  1. And he will get reelcted cuz he will promise to force you to share what you have to others.

  2. That seems to be his strategy past and present.

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