Posted by: thescoundrel | October 16, 2012

Clinton Falls on the Sword for Team Obama

In recent interviews Hillary Clinton accepted blame for the security failures that resulted in the death of US Government personnel in Libya. She also blamed the White House confusion over whether it was a terrorist attack as the “fog of war“. Both were smart moves on her behalf. Of course neither statement wrests away the label of incompetency surrounding Team Obama, as the White House continued to fumble the actual events, during numerous erroneous attempts to present the terrorist attack, as little more than a  flash mob event. Team Obama still looks confused and dazed about the who, what, why, when and how and all of the implications connected to the terrorist attack on the US. When foreseeable disaster occurs, someone in management has to accept the blame. For Clinton to accept the blame was probably the best case scenario for her, as Barack Obama was looking for someone to throw under the bus as a sacrificial lamb. Throwing those who serve him under the bus, when his False Prophet persona faces adversity, has become his trademark. Clinton’s falling on the sword to reduce Team Obama damage from further bad press, actually makes her look more presidential material than Obama will ever be.

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