Posted by: thescoundrel | October 17, 2012

Obama-Romney Round 2 – A Draw

The Obama-Romney rumble/debate of 10/16 was lively. Both candidates did seem to land some punches. Unlike the first debate, I did not see any definite winner. It was at best a draw. Though I have heard talking-heads make winner claims for both candidates. The moderator Candy Crowley certainly did her best to shield and advance Obama. One estimate I saw said she gave Obama 3 minutes more time talking than Romney. Plus when Romney had Obama fumbling for a straight answer about his knowledge surrounding the attack on our Libyan Embassy  by terrorists ; Crowley stepped in to shield Obama by using her moderator control in shutting Romney from going in for the knockout punch.  Evidently Crowley admitted –after the debate– that Romney’s statement was mostly correct  but  she stepped in because he worded his statement incorrectly. Huh! 🙄  Despite being the Clueless Socialist-wannabe  that he is, I still think Obama will win the election. Obama’s worshiping disciples in the media, like Crowley, will use their media tentacles to push him into a second term.


  1. I guess we’re old school, but we thought the moderator was just supposed to ask questions and time the replies. What will really be a new approach would be to use an unbiased moderator, if there are any left.

  2. I don’t believe in unbiased. So anytime you put a moderator between politicians; edge goes to the politicians the moderator leans towards. It is just plain human nature to take sides either knowingly or subconsciously. Crowley was just more blatant than others.

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