Posted by: thescoundrel | November 24, 2012

Treasure Hunts Gone Mad

There are many reasons I don’t go out early to Christmas shop on Black Friday, in search of shopping treasures. But perhaps the biggest is that some people go mad and seem to lose their minds. They turn savage in their treasure hunts and ruin what should be a pleasing experience for everyone else. The following link and videos of Black Friday WalMart shoppers display the madness better than words can describe.



  1. Black Friday shopping makes as much sense to us as the protesters at Wal-Mart. They are protested low pay and the workers being away from their families when they don’t even work there and are away from their families.

  2. I started in the work force for minimum wage – less than $2 an hour. A couple of times I have had to restart my life and reentered the work force at or about whatever minimum wage was at the time. I worked at one place where you worked on commission and where your wages were minimum wage plus whatever you earned over the top. But for those that did not earn minimum wages in commission, they had to pay back the difference from their future paychecks. So even if they followed a bad week with a great week, they often lost the good totals paying back their previous weeks deficit. Most of us earned about double to triple minimum wages but newbies often struggled. If they didn’t make it after so many weeks they were fired. A person knows what they are entering in to with a company, so if they don’t like it move on. I have more than once.

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