Posted by: thescoundrel | November 30, 2012

Big Government Less Trustworthy than the Mafia

I have stated it all my life. I reiterated similar judgments when so many were eager to trust Obamacare – especially those wanting to turn our complete heathcare system into government operated system. You Can’t Trust the Government – especially, when it comes to  your livelihood or medical decisions. The Government will make you all kinds of promises when they want to strike a deal. They will paint you a fantasy world where you will live in a Big Rock Candy Mountain Paradise.  Then when it suits the Governments whim, as in one of the original verses of the Big Rock Candy Mountain song, they will  bend you over and bugger you sore like a hobo’s whore. And though the government is a frequent flyer when it comes to bending over private citizens and corporations – people seem to have to re-learn that sad fact about government the hard-way. A very recent case involves people trying to “save” their land and business from the developers. So they got in bed with the government.  In what was supposed to be a hand-in-hand romance with the government – the owners and workers of a 100 year-old oyster company are now facing extinction as a business, from the very government that had cuddled them and offered to protect them. The company -Drake Bay Oyster Company- would have been safer turning their land, business and family futures over to the Mafia.


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