Posted by: thescoundrel | December 16, 2012

Hey Buddy Can You Spare a Dime

Illinois State Penitentiary

Illinois State Penitentiary (Photo credit: Tom Gill (lapstrake))

Statesman taxing States into bankruptcy. As usual our fearless feckless foppish-wannabe leaders from Illinois are right in the thick of clueless activity.  Perhaps Illinois lawmakers could add street minstrels to their job titles. Then they could go out on the street and sing -” Hey Buddy,  can you spare a dime?”

Shhh! It’s a Big secret –>Free Blago Update! Is there any wonder this State is known for political corruption!



  1. This reminded me, I saw a ‘Holiday’ card with a picture of Blago and Ryan with the words “Happy Holiday’s from the Big House!”. Made if wonder if Quinn’s made his reservation yet.

  2. Letting Blogo go to make room for Quinn?

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