Posted by: thescoundrel | January 25, 2013

Imagine if Most of the Media Were Not Obama Acolytes

Imagine the nightly newscasts if the Bush Administration response to the attack on our  Benghazi embassy was handled as it was by the Obama Administration.

Then you can imagine the news we might here if most of the media were not Obama acolytes.



  1. The drive-by media has to be on Obama’s side. If they actually told the truth about how incompetent he is often enough, the Liberals might start believing

  2. The mainstream media is anti-American; a media that would be forcibly silenced in 99% of this world’s countries. They should be on their knees slobbering over our Constitution instead of slobbering over the rat-hole we call Washington D.C.

  3. Some people on the right are finally getting a clue that they aren’t just fighting Democrats, they are fighting the Democrat press.

    To that end, one of many posts about “what’s to be done” about the corrupt leftwing media, comes from (and I know this url will be wrong!) Legal Insurrection where three suggestions are offered.

    The one I thought most compelling was #2, which was “Treat your local news anchors like your congressman…Hold them accountable.” This is especially important in an area like the ILQCs which has been controlled by Dems for 40+ years. The Dem Politburo obviously has enormous power which the local press wishes to please.

    This is wrong, and as LI suggests, those not interested in hearing the State Controlled Media Politburo slant of the news need to start calling, emailing and writing their local newspapers and tv stations.

    Looking back, while I did do some direct agitation toward the local press via emails, I mostly complained on my blog. I did not do enough to change the local press culture of toadying to powerful local Democrats.

    That needs to change. Bloggers and GOP/TEA Party activists need to take it to the local press cause they’re not gonna change The New York Times.

  4. Good to hear from QCE.

  5. Cruiser the media doesn’t have to be an Obama worshiper- they choose to be an Obama acolyte.

    Ghost I don’t know that the media is unAmerican so much as they feel USAmerica should continue its longtime evolution towards Statist Socialism. You are absolutely correct in that they enjoy and abuse the freedom of free expression – a freedom they would never have under the Chavez Socialist governments they and too many of the entertainment industry worship.

    I like the link QCEx. That should be of no surprise since they it says many of the things I have been posting about since my leap into blogging.

    I have said this before and continue to repeat my thoughts – trying to cleanup the Socialist Evolution starting at the top rungs just isn’t going to work. The Progressive movement has used their people and organizations to infiltrate all levels of state and local governments, plus the executive, legislative and judicial at federal levels levels, using babysteps to push their socialist agendas into law. Plus the opposition has slept through Progressive manipulations to the school systems of K-9 and college levels to the point a Conservative viewpoint is often ridiculed by the Progressive teachers and administrators throughout the whole school system. They have used their acolytes to dominate over the Entertainment Industry as well as most of the media. They have used their infiltration to attack businesses, churches, adoption services, charitable organizations and are trying to drive a stake through the hearts of family life with Statist legislation and lawsuits. Until the opposition forces start to go face-to-face and toe-to-toe against the Progressive Bullying I don’t see much real change in slowing the socialist evolution being pressed by Progressives.

  6. G you can “hear” from me anytime @ 😉

    S, my thinking is that we won’t see “much real change in slowing the socialist evolution” until they run out of money from millionaires and billionaires and have to tap into the middle class for revenue.

    Then it’s revolution, baby! 😀

  7. QCE: Watch yer ‘spam’ file. Haha.

  8. This “free sharing” of inirtmaofon seems too good to be true. Like communism.

  9. Love the cover! I honestly just downloaded the Kindle app on my Android – it works just fine and I love it. I don’t have any ads either. The only books I download are the free ones, too

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