Posted by: thescoundrel | January 26, 2013

More Media Kool-Aid Drinking Exposed by Insider

The news media was considered so important by our founding fathers that they were given special protections under the First Amendment in order that they could be the watchdogs that kept an eye on our government. Still For every  Woodward and Bernstein there are untold amounts of reporters drinking the Kool-Aid of some politician with Jim Jones-like charisma, instead of doing their job as public watchdog. The fact is the media has never been very good at being the watchdog of government as, too many of them tend to blend into the maddened mob of followers of legislators that they have become enamored with. The worst in my lifetime has been the press’s intense infatuation with Barack Obama. The current media’s objectivity is not just suspect but nonexistent. The disgraceful methods of journalism used by the Obama worshiping media continue to leak out. This time by  a self-admitted acolyte of the False Prophet, Barack Obama!


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