Posted by: thescoundrel | February 21, 2013

Deadbeat Snake-Oil Salesmen Still Destroying the State of Illinois

The last couple of years I occasionally posted about how I noticed some area medical establishments were no longer accepting Medicaid due to the State of Illinois‘ poor track record in paying those in the medical industry. Recently I was at a local medical establishment and I noticed that they had a sign up that stated – due to the State of Illinois slow payment system as well as their often denial of claims, any  employee of the State, using the State of Illinois CIGNA plan, must pay for all services before treatment, then personally file any claims with Illinois/CIGNA services.  Ouch! Illinois strikes again! And yet the voters continue to keep voting in these same Snake-oil Salesmen whom fleece the electorate over and over again. Stupid is as stupid does and there is a lot of stupid going on in the deadbeat Illinois government. And the silence from the watchdogs supposedly protecting the state and the nation (the media) is deafening.



  1. You can’t wake someone who is only pretending to be asleep.

  2. They stay silent because political ads are a very profitable source of income fro the shrinking print media market.

  3. Follow the money. Are we all really whores? I wonder.

  4. I think newspapers do not have that many choices. Print is a dying medium. Radio and video are different. They each have niche markets. Shows like Sixty Minutes and Rush Limbaugh have displayed you can make money by exploiting the news. So they do. Each medium is looking for the next Howard Beale that can help them turn a profit.

  5. It’s amazing that print media owners and executives are still holding on much like the athlete who become too old to win. Do they think that radio, TV and the Internet will suddenly collapse and day old news newspapers will somehow become relevant again?

  6. I tend to agree with your analysis. I used to keep up on modern electronics. And I am always reminded of conversations I used to have with people I was advising on electronic purchases. I cannot even tell you how many times I had to explain to people that despite very American names most electronics and all televisions are made overseas or in Mexico. The last Big Brand name to be built in the US was Zenith and they moved most of their operation to Mexico before they finally got in financial trouble and were bought out. I believe their name is now owned by the Chinese company, LG, but I can’t say for certain.In fact most companies have moved their manufacturers to China, Korea. or another Asian country where labor is dirt cheap. The only TV I am aware of currently made in the US is Vizio, and I can’t say for certain if it is all built here or not. Magazine and Newspapers are a thing of the past. Newspapers are finally getting the idea by posting their paper online. But they will probably have to rework their plan of revenue stream that they are used to. So many companies have went online you can now just visit the store website to see what is on sale. I keep the paper mostly because I use the coupons and the cost of printer ink makes it less expensive to clip coupons from the deadtree newspaper versions than printing the coupons on line.

  7. As a side note, newspapers and magazines that are charging fees to subscribe to their site may turn out to be a mistake. There are too many comprehensive free sites competing with “Time online” or “WSJ online,” etc. Consider the savings in bulk paper, inks, presses, delivery and all the employees to man that department, charging to surf their unremarkable web pages seems foolish. Specialty programmers (and there are so few) like Rush probably have the cult-like following to make a few dollars; but Hannity and O’Reilly or Dennis Miller all say the same thing with only a couple of adjective differences.

  8. I think the problem they all face is that the Internet is no longer the cash cow it used to be. I am not a big Hannity follower, I read he has lost a lot of his audience though still one of the top draws on Cable. I do watch on occasion. I liked it better when he had Alan Colmes as his polar opposite. The show was always more lively. O’Reilly has pretty much a status quo audience. He is more Libertarian than Hannity. He is by far the best and most interesting talking head in video media. I sometimes wonder if they are grooming Miller to take over whenever “O” retires. I also think Fox has a real star on their hands, if they can figure out a regular slot for Greg Gutfield, other than just the Five. He makes “The Five” interesting and entertaining. If I were in Fox’s shoes I would pair him up with Hannity and bring some life back to Hannity’s show. Personally I miss Glenn Beck. He was outrageous and fun to watch. I never missed his show unless there just was no other choice. I should thank Fox for letting him move on – it sure freed up a lot of time in front of the TV as I usually watched Beck and then the next two-three hours that followed. Now it is just hit and miss.

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