Posted by: thescoundrel | February 25, 2013

You Have Come a Long-Way Baby and

It’s not all good. I feel bad for current parents when they are trying to evaluate school systems and teachers that are overseeing their child’s education. Especially since more and more teachers are getting exposed teaching extracurricular activities that don’t belong on the curriculum. When I was growing up you usually felt your kids were in good hands when you sent them off to school, especially, since most of the teachers were probably sensible women/mothers and not horny old geezers. But now the news is continually flooded with women teachers getting slapped on the hands  – that would get their male counterparts tossed in prison without a key- for taking sexual liberties with  children they are supposed to be educating!

To steal an old cigarette adage-  You Have come a long-way baby. But in these creepy cases it ain’t in a good way.



  1. It does look like a double standard. But then again, we have dirty old men and Cougars.

  2. And that describes most politicians

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