Posted by: thescoundrel | March 6, 2013

Half-Moons and Hellfire Missiles

During the GW Bush presidential years the Bush Deranged – hysteria fed by the even more deranged media – about how the Bush administration was going to listen in on their personal phone calls while searching for terrorists. So they whined and bellyached about how much better  life would be ruled by a left-wing progressive politician. The Deranged and the media got their way as we are now entering our second term under the Progressive leadership of Socialist/Communist-wannabe Barack Obama. And while they all screamed their heads off worrying about how Bush Ad. might overhear them plotting secret rendezvous behind their  spouses back they all continue to remain fairly silent as extremist policies by the Obama Administration looks into way further methods of  invading personal privacy than Bush Ad. ever considered.  The most latest Obama Ad. revelation- Eric Holder claims drone strikes against Americans on American soil -without judicial authorization, other than his own- is perfectly legal.  

🙄 And the Bush Deranged were worrying old Georgie might realize they were busy cheating on wifey. 🙄

Looks to me the Deranged might wanna worry less about whether someone having giggles listening to their personal shortcomings over the phone and be more concerned about an Obama drone lighting up their half-moons with a hellfire missile.  But then history has shown constantly that is always a worry when you put your political trust in a Socialist/Communist wannabe like Obama.

QCGhost – Feds Stockpiling Ammo


  1. FMJ’s are for training/target practice. Hollow points are for killing living things. The regime bought billions of hollow points; that’s enough ammo for everyone working for Homeland Security to fire all their weapons once per second for 25 years.

  2. The Obama Administration is the kind of leadership that makes you appreciate the second amendment.

  3. You really do hate America don’t you. You’re nothing but a liberal terrorist sympahtizer. If you don’t love America, then move.

  4. In a drawer full of knives, that commenter is a spoon.

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