Posted by: thescoundrel | May 18, 2013

Feeling Bulletproof

According to news articles I have read; a 15 year old boy and two 16 year old boys took a 12 year old girl into a basement with intentions to sexually assault the young girl. The boys not only sexually assault the girl – they tape the attack while also flashing gang signs and then post it on the Internet. The crime is of a senseless and horrifying nature. The young men should be tried as adults.  And all caring individual should ask themselves – what about our culture and justice system made the perpetrators feel bulletproof enough, to post the attack on  Facebook.


  1. Welcome back. Stories like this make me wish they’d bring back the ‘crime of passion’ defense for parents of the girl.

  2. I don’t want to downplay how horrible this is, but looking on the bright side, I see this as a classic example of Darwinism.

    People dumb enough to brutally rape a girl and put it on YouTube will most likely spend the majority of their manhood in prison. Even when/if they get out, nothing dies on the internet and any woman googling her prospective “date” will discover this nasty bit and unless she is also an example of Darwinism, she will reject him.

    So mostly a win-win; rapists dumb enough to put their crimes on the internet will likely not be considered breeding material one way or another.

    Darwinism at work—survival of the fittest, not the dumbest. 😀

  3. The sad part is while in prison they will hone their criminal skills. And given all the prison overcrowding – they probably will get out of prison early. It is a no win scenario.

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