Posted by: thescoundrel | June 13, 2013

Hacking into China Glamorized Routine

I was reading the latest media article about Edward Snowden – talking about the great revelation that the United States has been hacking into Chinese computers. Uhhh, yeah so what – and why does this surprise anyone? It is spying 101 except safer, since it is performed by computer hackers – instead of burying real people into deep cover inside foreign nations. There is a reason many agencies are called foreign intelligence agencies – they spy on other countries looking for information. Always have, always will. Countries spy on their enemies, they even spy on their allies. Always have always will. In this case the story is situation normal – no real surprise.  Unless you are truly a mindless sheep that chants the Obama Hope, Change and the Most Transparent US Government ever mantra. Sorry.  No hope, no change, no transparency – just more of the same Big Government except under Obama they do it Chicago Thug Style. The real story is that Al Capone is surely grinning ear-to-ear while getting toasted daily in Hell, while he admires the Chicago Style of Government that the Obama Administration employs.



  1. Obama has impeachment insurance: Joe Biden

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