Posted by: thescoundrel | July 5, 2013

Gay Marriage the Price to be Paid

I do believe that the laws need to be fixed to protect homosexual couples basic rights. However equating of homosexual marriage with traditional marriage is a contradiction, so  I am not a supporter of the gay marriage agenda. With Team Obama’s continued Nixonian  political directionalism in his support of homosexual marriage; they have opened another Pandora’s box. In his fervor to push the gay marriage agenda he has created an added expense for Joe and Jane Doe, the  American Taxpayers.

Many companies have already been preparing themselves for such an added expense by limiting spousal insurance benefits they  offer. As also stated in a Jen Wieczner article many companies are also busy dropping spousal insurance benefits altogether. For companies that is the smart move. In steps gay marriage and Obamacare, where the situation is a win-win for the Neocons on the the right and the Obama Socialist/Communist-wannabes on the left.

Big Business has long wished for a fork in the road that will give them a direction  for limiting or entirely abolishing their current responsibility of supplying insurance. Obamacare has offered  them this opportunity. The Neocons will grin excessively as the political and morality split among USAmericans, on the equating of homosexual marriage with traditional marriage, will offer companies enough moral outrage – to back out of offering spousal insurance benefits for everyone. It is the path I would choose if I were big business and watching my margins continuous shrink under Big Government USA.

The Obama Socialist-wannabes will also get what they want – a moral outcry foothold for Socialized medicine incorporated into the US society.  Their cry will be –> Big Bad business is abandoning you. Factor in the inevitable continuous moral conflict created by Big Governments attempt to redefine religions  into a Socialist image, using hot topic issues like homosexual marriage and abortion, the Socialist wannabes also win, as they will use Obamacare as the heroin needed to numb the souls of the mindless followers waiting for healthcare options that mimic the former USSR bread lines.

The real winners end up being the far left and the far right. The rest of us -Joe and Jane USAmericans- have to pay the price for the gay marriage conflict. We will either be forced to accept the ominous evolutionary edicts of Government operated healthcare or pay spousal insurance benefits –> Out of Pocket. A lose-lose for USAmericans.

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