Posted by: thescoundrel | July 11, 2013

Electronic Tackiness in Advertising

I like the Internet and the news options -such as QCOnline here locally- that the Internet offers. But along with those options comes the need to pay for those services the providers offer. That means advertising dollars. I am one of those are individuals that actually like to read and examine an entertaining advertisement. But a constant and tacky problem displays itself from electronic advertising. Very often an advertisement will appear alongside an article that seems inappropriate and/or tacky. Such was the case while I was reading a John  Marx article this morning. Marx was busy writing a feelgood piece on local rib restauranteur Jim Overton, whom has passed away. Marx is usually at his best when writing obituary odes to local icons. His article about Mr. Overton was well written and respectable. Unfortunately accompanying the article at the time I read it was an advertisement for another local rib restaurant.  Now while the world isn’t going to end because QCOnline posted a competitors advertisement,  alongside, an article designed as a tribute to a local businessman – it is kind of tacky.  I have seen worse. You just think there would be some kind of safety net to avoid this kind of tackiness.



  1. The price we pay to keep things free. I’ve seen some pretty silly ads myself.

  2. Internet ad space rotates, sometimes based on cookies, its not like print advertisement. duh

  3. In my opinion NO reason for this kind of miscue. It is just laziness or disregard by the media. If you can build a program to rotate ads you can alter the program to avoid this kind of miscue.

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