Posted by: thescoundrel | July 13, 2013

Journalism’s Reputation Continues to Decline

With print media already in decline the latest Pew Forum poll can’t be good news for any of of the media formats.  According to an article on HotAir,  only 28% of those polled – felt journalists offered a lot of contribution to society. That was down 10% from their  2009 poll. I can’t say I am surprised. At some point the media decided to veer from reporting the news to becoming the catalyst behind driving the news.

2013 Pew Forum Poll







  1. One of every four Americans believe that journalists contribute to our society much like pro wrestlers, Stephan King and candy cigarettes.

  2. The media has spent years committing Seppuku with its reputation.

  3. So why do they have any ratings at all. News desks should be covered with blood and tummy parts by now. Will Guinness publish how long it’s taking?

  4. Once a face is all used up it gets kicked to the side, buried and a new fresh face appears.

  5. Yeah, it’s such a shock that the approval rating of the press has taken a dive over the last 4 years.

    Hmmmm. Let me think; what has happened over the last 4 years? Obama happened and his press groupies worked overtime to hide his negatives. Instead we got years of dogs on a roof, binders of women, etc. but no mention of the tanking economy, government overreach and dearth of jobs. Such a deal.

    Also, Zimmerman happened. The inane “white Hispanic” to push along the racist narrative, and Stand Your Ground meme that never happened and the doctored tape by NBC promoting the narrative that Zimmerman was racist when he was not.

    I can’t wait for Eric Holder to charge Zimmerman, who is l/2 Hispanic and 1/4 black with a civil rights violation. Can you say FUBAR?

    Go! Eric! Go! Keep your base whipped up in a frenzy until there is a backlash against you and your boss.

    It’s only fair. 😀

  6. Social Media is making media more irrelevant. The problem with social media is it often goes viral on erroneous information.

  7. That’s because erroneous information is more palatable the the crap flushed out of Washington.

  8. I won’t argue that point. But the sad part is that the information often “flushed” out of DC is erroneous on purpose so that politicians can play “Wag the Dog”.

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