Posted by: thescoundrel | July 19, 2013

Feeding the Hate

Actual racism is unacceptable behavior. That said there is racism in everyday life and there will always be racism in everyday life. Look around closely and you will find racism: White on Black, Black on White, White on Hispanic, Hispanic on White, Black on Hispanic, Hispanic on Black and everybody seems to find a reason to demean Asians.  But to weed out any actual racist behavior that might be fixable –> society must first has be willing to quit crying wolf every time someone attempts to play the race card over tragic incidents. Yet self-serving individuals like Al “Cry Wolf” Sharpton continue to flame the fires of faux racism surrounding the Travon Martin incident – thus demeaning the actual tragedy.  The real heartbreak is that two young men misunderstood each others intentions and one of them ended up killed. The real question is – why? The truth is – we will never actually know.  And that is another tragedy in the making. But as long as race baiters are given credence by the government, the media and the people of the communities to create racist incidents from every interracial clash – society will suffer.  Hate is all around us. You can either feed it or douse the flame – not both.



  1. I thought it was an encouraging sign when Charles Barkley (of all people!) called out the media for not having a “pure heart” and not having “clean hands” when it came to how they handled race.

    Barkley also had the audacity to say that it wasn’t just whites who were racists, blacks were racist too.

    I tell you, we are in the End Times. lol

  2. I consider Pat Buchanan something of a pompous ass – yet on this occasion I tend to agree with most of what he had to say in his article at the link above.

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