Posted by: thescoundrel | July 29, 2013

Are Traditional Colleges Headed Towards Extinction

Are traditional colleges progressively evolving  their way extinction? An article by Danielle Allen suggests an Internet  college revolution of the higher education realms has started with Online colleges supplanting some of the traditional college opportunities. With the skyrocketing costs of more traditional college options, the less expensive Online options are certainly more attractive to the modest income based students.  A big worry is that her article stated only about 10% make it through the program. Now that does not surprise me, especially for the under 21 students. Most people that age that I have known were more interested in partying and sowing wild oats, than studying.  That makes online studies demanding to those individuals that lack  the discipline needed to study with very limited supervision. But a huge part of advanced  college work is a test for individuals to exhibit they have enough initiative to succeed with minimal supervision.  Another conundrum to consider; is will Online courses make it easier or more difficult for scumbags from terrorist organizations –like Bill Ayers– to corrupt young minds with messages of hatred and Anti-Americanism.  I personally don’t think Online classes are for everyone or for every subject – at this time. But since traditional colleges seem to be devolving  into Animal House paradigms; Online colleges may actually evolve into a better selection for the more industrious students.


  1. Why spend money on college when MSNBC is free?

  2. Most young adults tend to use MTV and Jon Stewart as their source of information for making decisions.

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