Posted by: thescoundrel | August 18, 2013

Looking For Sugardaddy

When I was a kid, teachers were mostly revered individuals that parents could entrust their kids  development and future life. I still have occasional contact with some of my past teachers.  In modern times the image of teachers has taken a beating as too many teachers get caught acting more like depraved cultists worshiping Bacchus – rather than someone you would trust educating our youth. A recent eye-widening revelation by the media, is that as many as 40,000 public school teachers (I want to assume this is an inflated number)  could be using the website SeekingArrangement’s, searching for a Sugardaddy. Huh? 😯  So I have to question are teachers evolving into thrill seekers like the teacher in Mr. Goodbar or just paving a new path towards the golddigger lifestyle?   Is there any wonder I continue to hear the clamor of parents demanding a school voucher system and/or choosing home schooling options.





  1. So true. Honesty and everything rencgoized.

  2. hallo wie gehts? Dein papa hat mir von dir erzählt, ich freu mich für dich. Ich mag so menschen die so gut sind, leider bin ich nicht so groß wie du. Ich bin in der 4 klasse. dein papa sagt das du pilot bist wirst es. deine melissa

  3. oh siiii! dice que debo pagar ,acaso la publicidad no dice que vea sin interrupciones en CHINGONATV ? La verdad no entiendo nada.Gracias buscare otro servidor.

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