Posted by: thescoundrel | August 26, 2013

Christian Churches Run Up the Flag of Surrender

For a considerable time I have noticed some of the Christian Churches surrendering their beliefs and running up the white flags of surrender. One of the recent articles talked of churches changing their bylaws that reject church sponsored Homosexual marriages, as they feared legal reprisal from Government supported Homosexual Activists. That fear is not totally unfounded – just recently a New Mexico photography business lost a lawsuit over refusing to photograph a homosexual commitment ceremony. It is not clear if they will take it to the next level as the activist judge in the case also slapped the photography studio with the plaintiffs law fees. 🙄

If a church of any denomination actually believes that homosexual cohabitation is acceptable under the teaching of the bible – I feel that is their right to teach and act in a manner that follows that belief. But I also believe that the overwhelming majority of churches of the Judeo-Christian philosophy have always believed and still do interpret the Christian Scripture as disavowing homosexual relationships. So it is also their legal right to teach and act in a manner which reflects those beliefs. The churches in the above article are stated non believers concerning Christian homosexual relationships. Yet they run up the white flag of surrender out of fear created by an oppressive government and legal system. I not only question their decision to change bylaws but also their commitment to the Christian Religion. That grows from weak faith and even weaker leadership.

When other groups are pushed by the government they balk, rally and stand up in unison for their rights. Lately Christians just run and hide sometimes changing their beliefs from fear not commitment to cause. Until Christians standup for their right to serve God, as the large group that they are, the Christian Church risks making themselves  irrelevant with Government, people looking for direction and the God they serve.

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