Posted by: thescoundrel | October 10, 2013

Candidates Wanted- Individualists Need Not Apply

I have stated for years the this country needs a viable third party to help keep the Democrats and Republicans  sensible. In many ways both parties have become like fiefdoms working for warring feudal lords. In the last decade, locally there have been several candidates to find themselves excluded from the political reindeer games of the closed societies created by our two-party system. In the last election current Republican candidate Eric Reyes felt the Rock Island Democratic Politburo’s boot up his a$$ when he tried to run on a Democratic ticket against current 17th district Congresswoman Cheri Bustos. From the posts I have been reading on QCExaminer’s Blog, it seems that the Rock Island Republican Old Guard are playing similar games with Reyes, now that he is running on a Republican ticket.  I suppose, it should not  come as any great surprise that either party plays childish games, like King of the Hill, when it comes to selecting their candidates. It is just disappointing that both parties preach self-virtue of all inclusive membership; while in reality they are little more than good old boy exclusive fraternities. Instead of actual diversity, each party is a closed society,  that invites a hand-selected few individuals, whom are hazed and indoctrinated into the leadership positions. Non goose-stepping initiates, not allowed; everyone must march in unison.  Reyes and past Quad City  candidate wannabes should not feel alone as this even takes place on a National Level. Just ask the much beleaguered Tea Party and Libertarian Movements inside the Republican Party that are  persecuted by both the Democrat and Republican Parties.  But then, that is old news that  I have stated numerous times. The Two Party motto is grounded in the philosophy of –> Candidates Wanted- Individualists Need Not Apply.


  1. It’s really hard to know what to do about this—you and I have both ranted at length about this situation (thanks for the linky love!), but I think it is clear we don’t want a third party—remember Ross Perot and how he gave us 8 years of Horndog Clinton?

    Which is why I think Eric Reyes is on the right path. Squishy GOPers who want to suck up to the Democrat ruling class rather than represent their constituents need to be primaried and replaced.

    Until we have a GOP that represents working people rather than the ruling class, nothing will change and there will be continued frustration on the part of GOPers with their elected officials who won’t fight for small government but just want to get along and gain approval from the Dems.

    This is what I’m hearing from people who once supported Schilling, but now have abandoned him. Some have gone to Reyes, but others will probably just drop out if their choice is Dem or Dem-lite.

  2. I don’t disagree that people in this country hate to make choices that doesn’t mimic True or False selectivity. They want a good guy wearing a White Cowboy hat and a bad guy wearing a Black Cowboy hat. The trouble is, their are many of us whom like to wear gray or brown cowboy hats. Thus we have a two party system where, depending on which party you select as your feudal lords, members fly the pennants of knighted champions that don’t truly represent the souls of the electorate.

    My personal feelings are that the problem with the two party system is that it is not representative of the people that live in this country. Most people see Democrats as Social/Financial Liberals and Republicans as Social/Financial Conservatives. That is so far from reality it creates a gridlock because both Party’s Leadership whip candidates and legislators that don’t goosestep the Party Rhetoric line. Those that don’t toe the party line are called either a Dino or RIno and often are publicly ostracized. It happens on a national level and it happens on local levels as party money and clout determines whom get the media platforms to paint themselves as champions of the people. Reyes is just the newest and most visible on a local level to face the wrath of Party Mandates. And that more than any other reason is why we need multiple viable political parties. Then each faction must actually negotiate instead of bully when it comes to passing controversial legislation. How to achieve that separation of two-party allegiances is the difficult question.

  3. I agree 110% with this statement:

    “My personal feelings are that the problems with the two party system is that it is not representative of the people that live in this country.”

    Oh, and speaking of “Social/Financial Liberals”, you didn’t happen to make it to the Lane Evans Street Dedication yesterday, did you? 😀

  4. both define rock and roll as synonymous with rock music . Encyclopædia Britannica , on the other hand, regards it as the music that originated in the mid-1950s and later developed “into the more encompassing international style known as rock music”.

  5. Nope QCEx, too busy to pay attention to fanatical dedications to that worthless piece of doggy-dodo Lane Evans. I will wait for the pleasant opportunity to dance and pi$$ on his grave.

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