Posted by: thescoundrel | November 4, 2013

The Pinocchio President

Abraham Lincoln with Allan Pinkerton and Major...

Abraham Lincoln with Allan Pinkerton and Major General John Alexander McClernand at the Battle of Antietam. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

According to a  quote attributed to Abraham Lincoln :  
“No man has a good enough memory to be a successful liar”
― Abraham Lincoln

My personal belief, as theScoundrel,  is that social and political dishonesty is a natural survival tool that protects individuality. And until the birth of the Internet and Social Media  – I would  have disagreed with the previous statement by Lincoln. In my opinion, it is kind of ironic that the Internet and Social Media formats, which are even more rife with dishonesty than standard media formats, could offer the Lincoln quote –  the power of actual adage veracity. Social Media, the advancements in video technology and the frenzied energy that drives the cornucopia of Internet-citizens exchanging information in the Internet community have made it tough for habitual liars (such are power-seeking  politicians) to escape their past moments of political thespian creativity.

According to an article, by Alan Carub, at the Canadian Free Press:

If you Google “Obama + Liar” it will cite 33,000,000 times in which someone has written or posted that Obama a liar and, after a slow start, thanks to an adoring media, it took well into his first term for the accusation to become frequent. Inaugurated in 2009, early on his lies were being cataloged in order to keep up with them. There is even a website devoted to his lies, They are constant.

That politicians lie is no secret. Obama is no exception and takes the passion to the MAX! Anyone that can think for themselves should have saw the Red-Flags the immediate moment Obama promised to become the most transparent President in US history. I winced at the Megalomaniac bullsh!t spewing from his mouth then, as well as, when I see his toadies daily spinning his fictional translations of Team Obama activities. His acolytes manage to keep his lemming fellowship dazzled with his progressive illusions past the point of their ability to reason. He has earned many unflattering nicknames including “Liar in Chief”. My favorite over the years has always been the “False Prophet”, which he continues to earn on a daily basis. But with his penchant for dishonesty I have to accept that the most honest description would be President Pinocchio.



  1. My observation over the years is that there are different categories of political liars:

    1. The Pathological Liar like Phil Hare who lies about stuff—trivial and important—they know could be fact-checked and debunked or is so absurd it couldn’t possibly be true, but lie about it anyway i.e. I read the Obama bill three times. This is called The Taranto Principle when politicians who know they won’t be fact-checked are encouraged to tell even more ourtrage lies because they figure nobody will know.

    2. The Lies By Omission crowd like Bobby Schilling who denounces Planned Parenthood and Obamacare even as he votes to fund them—but never mentions he enabled both policies.

    3. The Look! A Squirrel! politicians like Cheri Bustos who voted against funding the government, but whose public statements never acknowledged the fact and instead blamed some vague “other” for the shutdown.

    There could be others, but for now these are the ones I recognize. What category is Obama in? Maybe all three!

  2. Obama is lucky he has so many acolytes in the media – they cover his flanks and divert straight-out attacks to his gut. Lane Evans was the same.

  3. Just another day in paradise with the president who claims he can
    mufti-task yet knows nothing his administration does.

  4. Just a Bus Driving President Pinocchio…. TooT-TooT!

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