Posted by: thescoundrel | November 7, 2013

Enders Game and Gravity

I haven’t commented on movies in a longtime. So here are two I recently watched. And if you still have the option of watching Gravity in IMAX 3D, I highly recommend it!

I read on QCOnline where the movie Enders Game holds the weekly number one slot for Box Office dollars. I traveled out to the 53rd St Cinemark on Tuesday and watched the movie. It was good, not great. I suppose it would have been better had I shelled out the extra cash for the IMAX 3D showing. But the previews I had seen did not get me excited enough to come out of penny-wise mode. In fact there has only been one movie to date I have shelled out IMAX damages for and that was Gravity. Gravity didn’t need IMAX or 3D to standout but it was an excellent choice for my decision to splurge. Plus Gravity was more of an adults movie than young adult book based Enders Game. The surprising thing for me was that both movies were entertaining while also musing on death vs. life situations. I am sure other people walked away seeing different morality themes play out. But here are mine.

Gravity was a movie that posed the question how would astronauts handle the situation of being marooned in space following a catastrophic event to the space ship. A possibility every astronaut faces whenever they travel in space. I also really liked the idea, using  Ed Harris (who played John Glenn in The Right Stuff) as the voice of mission control. In many ways the movie reminded me of an older movie named Marooned.I liked Gravity better, but then again, Marooned didn’t have the advantage of IMAX 3D or Gravity’s allure of Sandra Bullock spending much of the movie floating in space, barely clothed in her underwear. I’m a guy I quickly noticed that minute difference detail.

And while Enders Game was more adolescent in its approach, I thought it was asking tougher questions. The biggest being – are there any morality limits on retaliation, when facing a doomsday scenario? I guess anyone that knows me personally -while understanding my abhorrence of violence- also understands I would probably come across more like the practical Harrison Ford character than the –> OMG, what have I done Asa Butterfield character. Violence is always a bad choice, but dying from inaction is a worse choice.



  1. When we lived in the QCs we went to the movies on a regular basis. But in Texas, the weather is so nice so much of the year that we spend a lot more time outdoors—except in the summer!

    So this summer we only saw three movies, none of which were aimed at the geezer demographic: Man of Steel, Star Trek and Lone Ranger.

    All were bad except Lone Ranger—the train chase at the end was worth the price of admission in my view (Mr. Examiner didn’t care for the movie). One of the interesting aspects of geezerdom is witnessing the arc of history. I remember watching the Lone Ranger on tv back in the ’50s and this year I saw the Lone Ranger turned on its head; Tonto was the wise one, rather than the sidekick and The Lone Ranger was the clueless one.

    If you live long enough, you’ll see everything—sometimes twice!

  2. LOL you are so correct, you tend to see everything, especially since in entertainment as Hollyweird likes to rewrite both factual and fictional legend. I didn’t go to the Lone Ranger. Johnny Depp is not a draw for me. I waited until Dark Shadows came to the small screen in my home before viewing. I was justified in waiting the film was not Dark Shadows. Now as a stand alone not named Dark Shadows it was a passable viewing movie – not great, not horrible. But it wasn’t Dark Shadows. I actually liked “Man of Steel” and “Star Trek”. Still, for me, the best Superman entertainment was by the actor whom was never actually Superman – Tom Welling who played teenage Clark Kent in Smallville. And despite the new Star Trek being a remake of the original Star Trek II, The Wrath of Khan – I like the movie. The original was better with the always hammy Ricardo Montabaln but I thought this new one was a pretty decent adaptation.

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