Posted by: thescoundrel | November 11, 2013

the biggest and the baddest get to make all the rules

I have been listening to the talking heads feigned surprise concerning the current NFL “scandal” revolving Miami Dolphins player Richie Incognito. Please, anyone that has ever followed any professional sports, already knows that these overpaid Peter Pans jocks all live in a different world than the rest of humanity.  The first thought that came to my mind, when I heard the Incognito story, was an old movie based on a book by former Dallas Cowboy player, Peter Gent – called “North Dallas Forty”. In the movie one of the characters called Jo Bob Priddy is raising hell at a pool party; to which a female guest is shocked. The verbal response by the main character was  –> Jo Bob is here to remind us that the biggest and the baddest get to make all the rules”.  

I love football but the reality is –  Professional Football is all about –> Full grown men paid ridiculous salaries to stay little boys, by beating up on each other for the entertainment of stadium filled and television audiences. And the little boys chosen to play this game are often the meanest kids that instilled fear on playgrounds across the nation. So when they behave badly  – don’t be surprised.  If they do something illegal smack their hands – it is what they have been conditioned to understand. But don’t pretend to be surprised when some 0f the meanest adult- kids on the planet – don’t behave the accepted social norm. 

Caution the following video contains strong language and violence not unlike you could possibly see at any football practice or game.


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