Posted by: thescoundrel | November 24, 2013

Kicking the Can Down the Road

I like to assume that much of the Worlds leadership is intelligent. Granted there will always be the Hugo Chavez’ of the World – that could lose an IQ test – pitted against a box of rocks as his competition. Yet – When I read an article such as “Obama: Nuke deal blocks Iran’s path to bomb”; I start to wonder, Maybe they aren’t as intelligent as  I give them credit. More likely, the leadership of the World is really as gullible as WWII appeaser Neville Chamberlain!  Please, does any rational human being think that this current  Nuclear Deal is anything other than World Leaders playing Kick the Can Down the Road, attempting to save face while dealing with the Iranian Mullahs?  Of course with the Obama Administration it could probably be he just assumes the whole World is mindless enough to continue to believe in what is simply another Wag the Dog movement. I don’t know what the rest of the World will believe; but the reality is that here in the US – his mainstream media acolytes will be busy sell-sell-selling this agreement as a –Laying on of Hands– that will cure the contagious fever of anti-Semitic hatred spread, among the Muslim Culture, that places the rest of the World as Victims on a Critical List.  The reality is the World has just been handed a placebo by World Leaders. The upside is that on rare occasions, placeboes actually work as the infected body heals itself.  But I am a realist and I believe the anti-Semitic fever that rages in Iran is more of a recurring rampant STD, impossible to purge, at least  as long as the Mullahs pull the strings of the Iranian puppet governments.  Maybe forever. So our current crop of World Leaders rally, hands raised in triumph, singing Kumbaya – we have saved the World. Sorry folks – all we are seeing are the reincarnation of Neville Chamberlain. And this agreement is nothing more than a modern version of the 1938 Munich appeasement that allowed Nazi Germany the time it needed to become an evil superpower.  Hopefully the end result of Team Obama’s  current –We Saved the World–  moment, will not end as badly as the 1938 Munich Agreement.



  1. Happy Thanksgiving Scoundrel.

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