Posted by: thescoundrel | January 28, 2014

Huckabee Talks of Uncle Sugar

I have been following the uproar following Mike Huckabee’s , now famous, Uncle Sugar speech. I have yet to decide exactly what was the reasoning for Huckabee’s choice of colorful language in his lecture. “Uncle Sugar”  is a  term that evidently dates back to GI’s in the 1940’s. While I am a staunch Pro-Life voter, I disagree with Huckabee and many others whom would not include normal birth control methods worthy of coverage under insurance policies. Where I draw the line is that such coverage could not include abortions. Still, if Huckabee were to run, he would still be my first choice among all possible candidates being tossed around for the next President. I have tried to decide the motives behind Huckabee’s language and I have come down to three possible answers.

A –> Huckabee has a cushy job with the Fox Network. He probably understands that his Fox hosting job is a far more desirable position than as a Presidential candidate under a media microscope.  His words may have been his way of stirring the kettle to incite more discussion about abortion.

B–> It was possibly a simple moment of being too cutesy with his words, which in turn, evolved into a case of political Foot-in-Mouth Disease.

C–> There is an old adage that states that for those in the Limelight; there is no such a thing as bad press. Bad press certainly never stopped Billy Bob  Clinton from getting reelected. For sure, as host on the Major cable News network already gives Huckabee a large audience to air-out his test the waters of his political ambitions. But now he has created a media firestorm reaching an even huger audience. It would only be a natural progression should he decide to run for President, that he pick up a percentage of similar-minded voters from the media firestorm, whom might not be all that acquainted with his political ideology. It would be a no lose proposition for Huckabee. A stay at Fox or go for the Presidential Gusto media gamble.

Probably not even the “Little Rockers” know his reasoning  for sure. The real question might be, if Huckabee were elected President, would the Little Rockers become the house band for the White House? Inquiring Minds wanna know!



  1. Considering Huckabee is now at the top of the presidential heap in polling, I’m guessing it’s “C”, although he is as likely to get the nomination or be POTUS as Gingrich or Trump.

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