Posted by: thescoundrel | February 19, 2014

Days of Future to Pass

Violence in the Ukraine escalates. When people get tired of dictatorial leadership, violence is not uncommon. The USA was developed from a disagreement over a question of British taxation implementation on American Colonies. Considering that would-be Emperor Obama continues to threaten the country with executive-order compositions – are we looking at the Ukrainian parallel to days of future to pass in the US?




  1. Nah, ain’t gonna happen—the Sheeple are too comfortably numb. Besides, who would give up all that “free” stuff for revolution? Where would the masses get their soma?

  2. You guys are really going overboard ya know.

  3. Perhaps it is time for another Jeffersonian generational revolution. Happen, maybe, maybe not. Government and our citizenry has never been more polarized than it has for the last few years. Polarization leads to open conflict. Both the Democrats and the Republicans have raised rhetoric to keep polarization constant and strong. It stirs the voters. As long as the conflict stays at a verbal level, legislation has gradual pendular growth. If the conflict strays from the verbal level, there is risk of violent conflict. That is neither good or bad in a historical sense, as history is an ever-changing final judge on social movements. But if it turns bloody it will be tragic for those caught in the middle of violent factions.

  4. LOL. There will be no violent conflict. All you happy white baby boomers have plenty of comforts and too much to lose. Gawd you are so paranoid. Keep fighting the good fight with your blog! That will change the world!! LOLOLOLOL

  5. NOOOOO!!!!!! Obama is making us all buy health insurance!!! Viva la revolucion!

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