Posted by: thescoundrel | February 23, 2014

I Lost on Jeopardy, Baby

I would like the Eyes in the Sky category for $200, Alex.

And the answer is – Two recent events where surveillance cameras have created viral Internet images with the potential for the loss and/or gain of millions upon millions of dollars.

1. ) What is the hug following the Women’s Singles Figure Skating event from Sochi.

No secret that any sporting event has judges or referees. There is also no secret that where judges and referees are involved, there is always controversy surrounding the judges/referees ability competently evaluate an event. In the Olympics that controversy is expanded exponentially by worldwide rivalry and politics.  There is no way to take away actual bias or even perceived bias away from athletic competitions being judged or refereed, especially in the Olympics.  It has always been there, always will. A fact of life. That makes the picture of the Russian skater -whom skated her heart out, according to everything I have read and seen- hugging a judge following her winning score, highly susceptible (and rightly so) to the cries of foul play. Whether the score was earned or not – the hug taints the score  results in the eyes of much of the world. Perhaps it is time the Olympics took the judging out of the hands of humans. With the advancements of cameras and computers – they could be programmed offer a better, less questionable job than multiple sets of fallible human eyes, tainted by human bias. Professional and amateur sporting events such as those  ran by the NFL and MLB are already incorporating cameras to assist as umpire/referee during live events. Perhaps the Olympic committee should explore retiring human judges altogether and investing in electronic methods to judge their sporting events.

2. ) What is the Pizza Hut District Managers Urination Video.

I am not a fan of Pizza Hut Pizza. I have eaten maybe two slices in the since the 1980’s and then only out of social graciousness.  But the preceding video makes me even less inclined to partake of Pizza Hut Pizza. A real stupid is as stupid does moment for the district manager in that location.  It reminds of of the overall local Quad City disgust when someone found a used band-aid in their meal at a Davenport IHOP. Though the Davenport IHOP is still open.



  1. But, he did wash his hands.

  2. Wouldn’t surprise me if similar video came out from any restaurant. The shocker was it was a district manager. Last time I ate Pizza Hut pizza was when someone else was providing. Just not a fan. And there are too many other good pizza places where I can get pizza. Personally I prefer, Fields of Pizza, Wise Guys, Harris and Franks for pizza. Shorty’s, Pizza Ranch, Papa Johns, Casey’s and Happy Joes are also on my goto pizza lists. Plus both Fields of Pizza and Wise Guys have a lunch time pizza buffet where I can sample several different kinds of pizza at the same time. Though if I am in the mood for some fried chicken with my pizza Pizza Ranch or Fields of pizza would be my selection.

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