Posted by: thescoundrel | March 14, 2014

Naive Moline Dispatch/Rock Island Argus Drinking some Kool-Aid

The Moline Dispatch/Rock Island Argus Editorial Scribes have jumped on the More Taxes Bandwagon. Their editorial championed voters to vote for a 1% tax increase for retail sales on the upcoming ballot. I assume they are intelligent people, to be in the media positions they hold. But after reading the article I can’t be sure if the Editors are naive, just having a blonde moment or drinking the Jim Jones Kool-Aid of the local tax spendthrifts. Sure the ever philanthropic -with other peoples money- salivating political goodfellas  in local government and school officials preach it will be a godsend to our local schools. They talk of how it will increase sales revenue and  fix the schools. They also pledge the money will only be used for school improvements and not for administrative purposes. Trust them? No Day-No Way! The problem starts with tax revenues. The government operates like they mafia – once they have your money with a new tax, they start plotting on obfuscation methods  to keep the new tax. And anyone who believes their only for school improvements rhetoric is definitely drinking the Kool-Aid! Figures never lie but all good liars figure. Sure they will probably show a figure sheet showing how all the money went to improvements. Standard operating practice when you seek to obscure the reality of financial balances. While everyone is looking at the figures the goodfellas are busy re-appropriating other general funds that would have normally been assigned to property improvement. They can use more creative bookkeeping to take the reassigned money from the general funds and then line the pockets of some already overpaid  school or political bigwig feeling that he/or/she needs a raise or traveling expenses. And the pipe dream that sales revenue will prosper under a sales tax increase is living in fantasy land. In the real world – when a customer goes out and spends several hundred dollars on an item, the tax may only be a 🙄 measly 1% 🙄 but the retailer will be expected by the customer to eat the 1% from their meager profits. If not the customer will gladly drive across the Mississippi river to someone else buy the same product in Iowa and save the 1%. I have been on both  sides of nthe equation. If enough Kool-Aid drinking voters vote in the tax – I will simply drive across the river and save the money. The Illinois Gas merchants has already lost my $70+ a tank business to the west side of Davenport where I save 20 cents a gallon or more on my gas purchases. And I am sure I am not the only one.

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