Posted by: thescoundrel | March 19, 2014

Regional Voters Just Say No to Over Taxation

Over the next few weeks, the good citizens of the region can expect to be overwhelmed as the local moneychangers and tax collectors adorn themselves in their most pious sackcloth and ashes bemoaning the fact they were unable to convince the public to volunteer the last few farthings left in their pocket despite the relentless thievery collected by government thugs using the pretense of taxation.   Accompanying the ceremoniousness mourning -in front of every media source they can entice- by the moneychangers and tax-collectors, the taxpayers can also expect a mixture of doomsday predicting addict rhetoric alongside a more bellicose cavalcade seeking a method of forced acquisition of tax funds from Joe and Jane Average USTaxpayer. That is because the money addicted governments that compose Illinois leadership, only understand spend-spend-spend taxpayer money. And when you have wasted that money – gouge them for some more. They don’t understand no means –>No!



  1. Had to laugh at what was said on Facebook about not giving more “for the children”. Everybody seems to think that your paycheck is theirs.

  2. More for the children? We give, give and then give some more for the children. Heck the “Lottery” was supposed to solve Illinois school fund issues. Right. As I have said for years – once an Illinois government institution gets your money from taxation or any other means – they are like the mafia; they feel the money is theirs to do as they please. They apply it wherever they get the itch and as with the “Lottery” money it never quite makes it to its proposed destination. I can remember many, many moons ago (more moons than I plan to calculate) The Port Byron/Riverdale School system wanted to consolidate all the various elementary, Jr. High and High Schools and move them out to where they had the Coe School elementary located. The schools actually asked the parents and local organizations to donate money towards the construction. Guess what, by just asking for money direct people gave what they could. I know my parents donated money to the cause. The schools should try the direct approach rather than trying to force an increase in taxes upon the districts. Of course when they wasted the money on some administrators trip to Cancun they would have an angry populace instead of zombies bellowing for another forced tax increase.

  3. I haven’t heard all the particulars but I heard some students in Ottawa were upset as money originally targeted for classroom needs has been diverted to the athletic dept. and gymnasium. And people wonder why so many of us don’t trust schools and politicians when it comes to our tax dollars at work.

  4. That’s a quwic-kitted answer to a difficult question

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