Posted by: thescoundrel | March 21, 2014

Quad City Zombies’ Pied Piper Speaks

As I spoke of in my earlier writing about the failed school referendums: the doomsday barkers have come out looking for shoulders to cry on and acolytes for their army. A Moline Dispatch article was full of local Tax Worshiping Pontiffs spinning the good word in an effort to rationalize why the local tax referendums failed. Perhaps the most sensible reflection came from Rock Island County board member Don Johnston. In the Dispatch article, authored by Stephen Elliot, Johnston is quoted as saying:

 “the county now must make due with the money it has.”

“I think people are just tired of the taxes,” he said. “In the county, there will be some cutbacks coming, but hopefully no layoffs. We will definitely have cutbacks.

“We need to handle our money better,” Mr. Johnson said. “It drives me crazy. We need to project our resources a little better.”

He added that, when the county’s increases are seen on the June property bills, “all referendums are going to have a tough row.”

Perhaps the most insulting pontification quoted, came from State Sen. Mike Jacobs, D-East Moline. According to the article Jacobs stated:

“voters must decide if schools and education are a priority. “

“Perhaps people are saying, ‘Tighten you belts,’ to the schools,” he said. “But school belts are pretty darn tight right now.

“I think the school referendum will eventually pass,” he said. “I’ve been around government long enough to know voters don’t have a message. They either like the idea or they don’t.”

Basically Jacobs channeled Barack Obama in his evaluation. To paraphrase Jacobs statement that I highlighted: Voters are mindless zombies that must be lead down the road you wish them to follow by Pied Pipers using hook or crook. But then that has always been the mantra of Progressive Politicians.



  1. Great post!

    But what I want to know is how and why Don Johnston came to be the voice of reason in RICO politics and government? Amazing, really. Maybe it’s a Nixon to China thing where only a powerful Democrat has the authority to criticize his own—or something. Just a shot in the dark. 🙂

    I had considered blogging about this myself, but I never could figure out what Jacobs was talking about with his “…voters don’t have a message” bit.

    It made me think of something similar maybe 20 years ago. Riverdale schools were agitating for more $$$$ and got it on the ballot—where it was soundly defeated by a fair margin.

    But then the superintendent starting yapping about how the reason this great tax went down in flames was the voters didn’t understand it.

    So they got it on the ballot again—where it was defeated by an even larger margin.

    If I remember correctly, said superintendent retired the next year.

    Karma, baby!

  2. Johnston came out as the sanest voice of the pack wolves. Maybe he is more worried about his massive calling to get voters out to the RICO politburo spaghetti dinners. They seem to leave messages for the dinner on my answering machine on a regular basis.

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