Posted by: thescoundrel | June 10, 2014

Obama – Hey Its Not My Fault, It’s Never My Fault

A good manager understands that when a problem arises under his watch, as they always do no matter what you are managing, the results and consequences ultimately fall on your shoulders. You build a machine created from people who will be expected to execute properly the job they are assigned. You choose the people that work for you. You direct the people you chose. And it is your responsibility to sniff out problems  on the horizon and fix them, if possible, before they turn from a mole hill into a Mountain. A good manager does this and takes the responsibility when he fails to properly guide his machine. A bad manager points fingers and says it is their fault my  machine is operating erratically.

The President of the USA is the highest manager in the country. The President of the USA is Barack Obama. Barack Obama’s style of management is throwing his personally-selected leadership under the Bus when things go wrong and make his administration look bad. It started early on during his campaign with Reverend Wright and has continued throughout his administration. His latest finger pointing goes  towards Chuck Hagel in Obama’s response to the Bergdahl/Taliban Swap media frenzy. Also,  his deception and political obfuscation is rival of Richard Nixon.  Simply put, whether you agree with the mans politics or not -I Do Not- the man is the worst Manager of this Nation in my lifetime. But I am sure Obama’s response on his leadership deficiency could be quoted as: “Hey it’s not my fault! The voters elected me. Blame them.”


  1. Break out of your conservative bubble. The thing is, Fox, Newsmax, Breitbart, etc. never show the President when he DOES take the blame. Here are some handy links for you, from bloggers and journalists who actually matter. Not old men who think they are gonna change the world from their computer desk. LOL — —- —– ——– and just for good measure, here’s one from the daily caller. But you know, if these “news sources” didn’t just twist words and take everyting out of context, he wouldn’t have to clarify so much —

  2. So true. For Obama, it’s never Harry Truman’s “the buck stops here”, it’s always the buck stops over there! Look! Republicans! Tea Partiers! Koch Brothers! The Vast Right Wing Conspiracy—oh wait—never mind—wrong Democrat. 😀

  3. The Google Nazis have just blocked access to my blog. Free speech means nothing to those cowards. It’s been fun. QC Ghost

  4. Just keep drinking the Kos flavored Kool-Aid my friend.

  5. What happened to your site Ghost. I see you are up and running again. Hard to keep a good person down. 😉

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