Posted by: thescoundrel | July 30, 2014

Israel Bombards Hamas Symbols, Power Plant in Gaza


I currently see modern day Neville Chamberlains whining about Israel, for bombing the living daylights out of Hamas. This is no new conflict. And no matter how much everyone wants this conflict to be ended by civil debate; it is never going to happen. Sure there will be the occasional brokered cease fire. That gives the combatants time to rest and reload. But cease fires only prolong the misery. After any cease fire Hamas will eventually start shooting rockets back into Israel. Israel is currently doing what history shows solves conflict – death and destruction. Until people on both sides of the conflict have completely quenched  their thirst for bloodshed – this conflict will continue over time. And yes sadly -there will be “collateral” damage. History has taught us  -there  always has been, always will. War is ugly and abhorrent. But when war becomes clean -then there is no reason to cease killing.


Israel Bombards Hamas Symbols, Power Plant in Gaza – WSJ.




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