Posted by: thescoundrel | September 18, 2014

Politics as Usual

According to an article I read in The Dispatch/QCOnline a whistle-blower lawsuit has been filed against Rock Island Co.  Board Chairman Banaszek and County Clerk Kinney; alleging that they falsified documents in order to assist County Board members inflate pension benefits that they could receive. With anything political , tt is difficult to say if the claims are true or false. Whether the claims are factual or in error, the situation displays the problems with Rock Island Co. as well as State and Federal levels of governmental leadership.  Government has become the wet nurse for college trained juveniles whom would rather suckle at the teats of taxation created indentured servants for a lifetime than be weaned into a life of self-reliant adulthood.

Narcissistic politicians  at all levels of government use rhetoric and spin to woo their lemming like followers. They use political tricks such as thuggish behavior, closed door sessions and gerrymandered districts to protect the boundary of their fiefdoms. And they to it all off by using money they strong-arm or entice from exploited taxpayers and businesses to purchase and spread publicity propaganda. And if it wasn’t enough that these political parasites suck at the teat of the taxpayer from birth to the grave – they hire all their friends and relatives in order that they too might suckle off the wet-nursing taxpayers.  If it wasn’t such a pathetic established circle of life, it would be a great ironic joke that the same rubes that continue to vote and fund politicians into office are also the victims of the political maleficence perpetrated by officials in the government.

And in news relating directly to Rock Island County, it seems as if Government Nepotism has once again been put on display. In  a closed session Rock Island UnDemocratic Politburo has back-room selected the husband of Democrat Congressman Cheri Bustos to be on the upcoming  ballot to become the next Rock Island Co. Sheriff. Strangely this is the same person who stated he would not be seeking to fill the permanent position of Sheriff, after he was appointed to temporarily fill the vacancy left when Sheriff Boyd was forced to resign, under Boyd’s abuse of office plea agreement. Bustos will run unopposed as the Rock Island Republican Party or any other Organizations had previously chosen to not field a candidate for the position. Nor will they have a chance to do so now as the replacement procedures for removing Boyd conveniently passed any such opportunity for opposition forces. It is business of usual for Rock Island politics. Shades of nightmares past when the Lane Evans to Philobluster Hare  selection was perpetrated on voters. Nepotism and Smokey Back Room Good Ol’ Boys politics -You are Rock Island County.

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