Posted by: thescoundrel | October 28, 2015

Politically Correct Police Authoritarians Working Hard, oops-Sorry, Working Zealously

Caution the following post may not be suitable for minors or PC Disciples. It may contain objectionable and dangerous wording, ideas and/or links. You are warned.

It has been long while since my last post. Contrary to all the vicious rumors I have been spreading about myself – I have neither died or fallen off of the planet Earth. Still I couldn’t resist the latest piece of PC culture reporting from would be PC Police.

While interviewing a guest; MSNBC host Melissa Harris-Perry became uncomfortable with her guests use of the term “hard-worker”. Sorry everyone,  evidently the PC Police Force continues to decide they must preapprove the proper good or evil semantic usage of all words and phrases. So honoring their worry about the descriptive usage of “hard-worker”, and not wishing to offend their delicate sense of PC propriety,   I have made a suggestive list of laborers that  literally fit the term “Hard-Workers“. If your name is not on this list I suggest you will have to submit, in triplicate, applications to Ms. Harris-Perry and the PC Police seeking to be included or in an effort to propose your own list of hardworking men or other personages.

theScoundrels list of literally correct hard-working men.

  • Mandingo
  • Lexington Steele
  • Ron Jeremy
  • Rocco Siffredi
  • Evan Stone
  • Peter Stone
  • Mr. Marcus
  • Mr. Pete
  • Mick Blue
  • James Deen


  1. Would you say you are Alt Right? If so, congrats on preceding them by 8-9 years. If not, I apologize in advance for associating you with that bunch. It’s hard to tell what’s going on these days. We live in strange times.

  2. As with most terminology, I suppose it depends on whom makes the determination of what defines alt-right. I never was a believer in pigeon-holing. However, when it comes to politics I seem to test out as a Conservative Libertarian. Whatever that pigeon-holing terminology means. I don’t like groups/associations/political parties. They all worship what they publicly disclaim – the practice of Newspeak Philosophy. It is especially displayed among politics, politicians and those whose lemmingesque devotion leads them towards a voting booth armed with only the rhetoric they choose to adore. But then I was never good at practicing Bellyspeak, Duckspeak, Goodthink or Ownlife. And I am pretty sure I would also fail the Goodsex pigeon-holing beliefs. Maybe I need to be plugged into an alternate reality from the one I live in.

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