Posted by: thescoundrel | December 28, 2016

Kumbaya Legislation

Once again the State of Illinois proves it has no Equals in privacy invading Bipartisan “feel good” legislation heralding in the age of Big Brother. The new privacy invasion being promoted as Kumbaya Legislation states that –> The law validates hairdressers,  barbers, cosmetologists, aestheticians, hair-braiders and nail technicians to be trained as spies on their customers in order for them to make determinations on whether to call in the Big Brother Agency of the Department of Financial and Professional Regulation to determine possible spousal abuse. Nothing screams customer satisfaction better than helping your clients sexual fetishes being broadcast across the social and mainstream media sources as spousal abuse. Law firms across the State of Illinois and the surrounding States must be rubbing their hands together in anticipation  as their minions rearrange the Law Firms Treasure of Golden Nuggets in order to make room for the new vast amounts of treasure just made available to them by Illinois Legislators. It will become a No-Win scenario for the beauty service industry as they will face lawsuits  for misinterpretation of sexual fetishes as well as when someone feels let down by the Industry for missing the signs of actual spousal abuse. Lawyers, “Start Your Engines!” Beauty  Service Providers, better start searching for legal and insurance protection! Illinois Republicans and Democrats, way to help usher in the Age of Big Brother where Worker spies on Worker, Neighbor spies on Neighbor, Children Spy on Parents all under the under the guise of Kumbaya Legislation!!!




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