Posted by: thescoundrel | January 1, 2017

First and Ten Do It Again

By this point, I assume, the 2016 NFL Regular Season is in its final days awaiting the birth of the NFL Playoffs that leads to the Super Bowl.  I say assume, because I have not dialed my television to any NFL related product all season. On occasion the scores would pop up on my Facebook page but I saw no reason to click and point about a product I had pledged to boycott for the 2016 season. Way-Way back at the start of the season I decided, like many others, that if spoiled Multi-Millionaire Colin Kaepernick (and those of similar mind) felt the need to take a knee of protest during the National Anthem – I would  repay their bad behavior by  avoiding the NFL Product. Truth is, I don’t mind anyone protesting whatever they assume needs public addressing, as long as they do it in a proper place and manner. The Kaepernick Crowd decided to improperly bring their personal agenda into the workplace. The NFL Management allowed the improper behavior. So I cut ties with the NFL and all its products for the season. If the jerks responsible for the bad behavior had worked for most any normal company, than the NFL, they would have been disciplined and possibly fired. Early ratings were way down for the NFL. How much effect the nationwide boycott effected that decline continues to be debated.  Still I would like to take this time to thank Colin Kaep[ernick and the NFL for making me realize I didn’t miss a thing by avoiding their products this season. I never spent a single penny on NFL products. Many went further by boycotting NFL advertisers. Even better I reclaimed around 3 hours of my life on NFL game days.  I didn’t have to worry if the Pastor was going to finish the Sunday Sermon in time for a NFL noon kick-off. I could eat my meal in peace without the ups-and-downs associated with NFL related interruptions. I didn’t have to ignore chores or family/friends interaction in order to watch spoiled millionaires play a kids game. Three whole hours I normally spend ignoring real life was returned to me and untold dollars I normally spend on NFL merchandise stayed in my pocket, thanks to the poor behavior of spoiled millionaires – reminding me they don’t deserve the three hours of my life I faithfully donated every week in watching the NFL. My dogs, my chores, my family, my friends and especially my pocketbook thanks Colin Kaepernick and the NFL for returning my life to me. When I was a kid and played football for Fun, the cheerleaders used to have a shout of “First and Ten, Do It Again”. And this season was so enjoyable – I think I will, Do It Again! So instead of worrying about playoffs, the super bowl, the nfl draft days events as well as the 2017 regular nfl season – I think I will continue to live my life without the spoiled little rich kids playing a kids game showing their asses. Bye-Bye Kaepernick Crowd. Bye-Bye NFL. First and Ten, lets do it again.

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