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Welcome Newbies, to the New and Improved Duck and Cover Reality

George W. Bush didn’t get it. Barack Obama doesn’t get it. In fact other than Ronald Reagan I don’t think any US POTUS has understood the Russian situation since John Kennedy and Lyndon Johnson.  There are mad dog leaders out there whom like to wave their dick-egos, like a swinging wrecking ball threatening your home. And worse, some of those leaders aren’t just paper tigers. Some like Vlad “the Slayer” Putin have doomsday weapon capability to back up their egotistical insanity. And you can bet that among his advisers, and possibly within his own egocentricity, there will be those whom think modern weaponry capabilities make a winnable nuclear war possible. And no doubt there are even some war hawks among nuclear nations, whose hatred for the opposition is so intense, they don’t care if a nuclear war is winnable. Of course in a nuclear weapons race another thing to worry about besides the Putin-Whack-Jobs is the possibility of human error. To all those Non-Boomer generations welcome to the New and Improved  Duck and Cover realities. Tick-Tock-Tick-Tock-Tick-Tock!



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A Brute in Human Form

As with many other information centers in the World of Cyberspace – I have a love/hate relationship with the services offered by the Internet giant Yahoo!  In a totally unrelated search I stumbled across the word etymology of “Yahoo” that rightfully defines the essence of Yahoo!. According to the Online Etymology Dictionary, Yahoo is originally defined as :


yahoo (n.)  “a brute in human form,” 1726, from the race of brutish human creatures in Swift’s “Gulliver’s Travels.” “A made name, prob. meant to suggest disgust” [Century Dictionary]. “Freq. in mod. use, a person lacking cultivation or sensibility, a philistine; a lout; a hooligan” [OED]


Well I don’t know that I am ready to grant Yahoo! the title of personhood but…. There is no doubt in this person’s mind how an actual human could readily attribute Yahoo! as a human creation where content and comment  often leads to brutish, loutish, even Hooligan-like behaviors, while, at times creating disgust due to its lack of cultivation and sensibility. If that was  the aura Yahoo! creators were seeking to create around their product, then they have succeeded beyond all possible dreams of ambition. Well chosen name!

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Obama Evaluating Evil of the World

Evil in the World
Some cartoonists capture the existence of life under Obama.
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Politics as Usual

According to an article I read in The Dispatch/QCOnline a whistle-blower lawsuit has been filed against Rock Island Co.  Board Chairman Banaszek and County Clerk Kinney; alleging that they falsified documents in order to assist County Board members inflate pension benefits that they could receive. With anything political , tt is difficult to say if the claims are true or false. Whether the claims are factual or in error, the situation displays the problems with Rock Island Co. as well as State and Federal levels of governmental leadership.  Government has become the wet nurse for college trained juveniles whom would rather suckle at the teats of taxation created indentured servants for a lifetime than be weaned into a life of self-reliant adulthood.

Narcissistic politicians  at all levels of government use rhetoric and spin to woo their lemming like followers. They use political tricks such as thuggish behavior, closed door sessions and gerrymandered districts to protect the boundary of their fiefdoms. And they to it all off by using money they strong-arm or entice from exploited taxpayers and businesses to purchase and spread publicity propaganda. And if it wasn’t enough that these political parasites suck at the teat of the taxpayer from birth to the grave – they hire all their friends and relatives in order that they too might suckle off the wet-nursing taxpayers.  If it wasn’t such a pathetic established circle of life, it would be a great ironic joke that the same rubes that continue to vote and fund politicians into office are also the victims of the political maleficence perpetrated by officials in the government.

And in news relating directly to Rock Island County, it seems as if Government Nepotism has once again been put on display. In  a closed session Rock Island UnDemocratic Politburo has back-room selected the husband of Democrat Congressman Cheri Bustos to be on the upcoming  ballot to become the next Rock Island Co. Sheriff. Strangely this is the same person who stated he would not be seeking to fill the permanent position of Sheriff, after he was appointed to temporarily fill the vacancy left when Sheriff Boyd was forced to resign, under Boyd’s abuse of office plea agreement. Bustos will run unopposed as the Rock Island Republican Party or any other Organizations had previously chosen to not field a candidate for the position. Nor will they have a chance to do so now as the replacement procedures for removing Boyd conveniently passed any such opportunity for opposition forces. It is business of usual for Rock Island politics. Shades of nightmares past when the Lane Evans to Philobluster Hare  selection was perpetrated on voters. Nepotism and Smokey Back Room Good Ol’ Boys politics -You are Rock Island County.

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The Joke is on the Voters or More likely the Joke is the Voters

In what medias Bards expose as shocking unfolding dramas –> it seems that the local  Rock Island Co. Democrat Party leadership along with State Level leadership has long been up to unsavory Good-Old-Boy  hiring practices. The article suggests 255 State of Illinois hirings had the stench of government nepotism. Of course if it is really all that shocking them it just goes to prove what many of us in the blogging world have stated for years – the media basically has their heads up their political advertisement receipts a$$es. The article on QCOnline points the  Flying Fickle Finger of Fate local wrath at the late Rock Island County Chairman/ Lane Evans Mentor John Gianulis and former Congressman/ Lane Evans Aide Philobluster Hare. (As can be expected the Lane Evans worshiping press neglected to mention the Gianulis/Philobluster ties to Evans.) Perhaps the most glaring naming names nepotistic event QCOnline mentioned was  :

In 2013, the OEIG investigated the 2011 hiring of Mr. Hare’s son, Lou, as assistant warden of programs at the East Moline Correctional Center. The OEIG said Lou Hare did not meet all of the Illinois Department of Correction’s written employment requirements. Lou Hare remains at the center.

Wonder who might have been singing that song back during that hiring? Oh yeah local bloggers harped on that hiring event more than once.

And while I have no love for any of the Politicians named in the scandal – they are just doing what voters have allowed them to do – fix the system through One Party Rule. I have no doubt that had the other boot been Republican One Party Rule- we could very well be talking about a statewide Republican scandal. One Party Rule creates the means by which Nepotism can go uncontrolled. When a Democratic candidate in the 17th district of Illinois gets elected they understand it will take a total disaster to remove them from office. First, the local political hierarchy are going to go into damage control to cover up stuff that embarrasses their candidate. Secondly, and perhaps damning of the local voters, Democratic candidates realize that once their name is on a ballot hordes of mindless local voters are going to step into that voting booth and punch a straight Democrat Ballot. The best an opponent can hope for is that the Democrat in question develops foot in mouth  disease as did Philobluster when he ran for reelection. You need multiple party candidates trying to dig up dirt that can be damaging to their opponent in order to reduce the dirty deeds politicians are going to pull once in office. It is just history. Both parties are just as guilty as the other one. You can hope the press will actually do the job it was given by the founding fathers as watchdog. But I would not hold my breath on that happening. Candidate plunk way too much money in advertising to media bases for them to be much of a watchdog. As long as the burglars are tossing the watchdog bits of steak the crooks can get away with their trespasses.

You could say it was all a sick joke being played on Joe and Jane USVoters but that isn’t really true. The truth is Joe and Jane USVoters are the joke because they  keep voting in the same politicians that cover themselves in political sludge at State and Federal levels.

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Illinois – Consistency for It Constituency

Illinois not just in it for the short-term we are the home of  long-distance political skullduggery.


Illinois politics always were on the road to ruin – Quad Cities Online.

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Fleeing the Sinking Ship

The Illinois Quad Cities loses another business to the Iowa side.


Bituminous Insurance moving RI headquarters to Davenport – Quad Cities Online.

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Israel Bombards Hamas Symbols, Power Plant in Gaza


I currently see modern day Neville Chamberlains whining about Israel, for bombing the living daylights out of Hamas. This is no new conflict. And no matter how much everyone wants this conflict to be ended by civil debate; it is never going to happen. Sure there will be the occasional brokered cease fire. That gives the combatants time to rest and reload. But cease fires only prolong the misery. After any cease fire Hamas will eventually start shooting rockets back into Israel. Israel is currently doing what history shows solves conflict – death and destruction. Until people on both sides of the conflict have completely quenched  their thirst for bloodshed – this conflict will continue over time. And yes sadly -there will be “collateral” damage. History has taught us  -there  always has been, always will. War is ugly and abhorrent. But when war becomes clean -then there is no reason to cease killing.


Israel Bombards Hamas Symbols, Power Plant in Gaza – WSJ.

As Lois Lerners electronic correspondences are released, is there any wonder IRS computer systems mysteriously crashed?

Lois Lerner Criticized GOP As ‘Crazies,’ ‘Assholes’ In Emails.

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Deja Vu All Over Again

Evidently with modern science you really can’t keep a worshiped man down. Of course the taxpayers are probably financing the affair in more ways than security. Instead of boxers or briefs the question is now Viagra or Cialis?


Meet Bill Clinton’s Latest Mistress | The Political Insider.

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