Posted by: thescoundrel | March 2, 2017

Round 1 in Moline Mayoral Race Goes to the Write In Candidate

Looking from an outsiders perspective – I found Tuesdays Mayoral primary elections in Moline, Illinois of great humor. Not that I have any grass to mow in Moline, nor do I personally have any personal connections to Moline politics or the powers that be in charge of the city. But after the way that the PTB played petty ballot challenges – leaving potential challengers out in the cold-  leading up to the primary it was satisfying to see the incumbent mayor take it in the shorts at the ballot box. For all I know, Moline Mayor Raes may be a standup guy whom would be willing to buy you a lap-dance from the hotties over at Daisy Dooks. But after the way he helped jerk the rug out from under Mr. Thanksgiving and other potential mayoral candidates, I laughed when he came in a distance second to candidate Ald. Stephanie Acri whom had to get all her votes from write in ballots. She didn’t just beat him, she kicked his tookas with almost 2200 votes more than the incumbent mayor amassed. Now that doesn’t mean he still can’t win as he will still be on the ballot in the general election against Ald. Acri. And I assume the election could easily rebound back his way. But for this round it is Shake the Foundations 1, Good Old Boys zero. And if I were Mr. Thanksgiving, I wouldn’t serve Mayor Raes have anything but salad at his big Thanksgiving bash. But since Mr. Thanksgiving is a much nicer person than I, I assume should Mayor Raes drop in on Thanksgiving he would heap his plate anyway. Probably even let the guy have some dessert.


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