Posted by: thescoundrel | October 30, 2011

The Occupation of Occupy Wall Street

As I continue to watch the media darling Occupy Wall Street Movement, it is becoming even more noticeable that -while the overall masses consist of frustrated everyday USAmericans and the inevitable groupies whom are looking for their fifteen-minutes-of-fame: any actual purity the movement might have contained is continually being eroded by the Anarchists, Socialists and Communists wishing to use their normal thuggery tactics to wrest control of the direction and group message for their own organizational agendas. That is no surprise as group infiltration and message plagiarism is how Socialist and Communist groups have always hidden and operated. As displayed by the links in my previous post; hypocrisy, theft and violence  – very things that the OWS  are protesting about – seems to have become an everyday part of the OWS culture. The various OWS rallies are evolving daily into the very organizations and individuals they protest against. But that is to be expected when you allow Hollyweird hypocrites, SEIU thugs and  Wealthy George Soros organizations to become your public image and Occupy your OWS movement.  Links below.

OWS Phoenix – When you should shoot a Cop

Power Struggles and Corruption plague OWS

Big Money behind Occupy Wall Street

SEIU leadership to invade privacy of individual citizens

Hollywood – the 1% hypocrites

Attention, Protestors: You’re Probably Part of the 1%



  1. This is the biggest non-event to get coverage from the drive by media in my memory. Have to wonder how many people are buying their bull.

  2. Probably a lot. When you are desperate and in fear of drowning it is not uncommon to grasp for any possible lifesaver insight.And when you get in a large group mob mentality rules. Eventually the mob needs a scapegoat for whatever troubles them. In this case it has become a lynch mob for the Wall Street and any businessman making profits. Of course it is those profits that make the jobs and availability of the products a reality. Most companies hope they can at least clear a 5% net profit after expenditures. That does not always happen. And without the investors and the businesses making profits from the products they sell – all those expensive high tech products being stolen from the current protesters (by their comrades in this siege) would not be available. I was listening to an interview of one of the protesters that was whining because he had recently graduated from college with a huge student debt loan plus he had also managed to accumulate over $20,000 in credit card debt which he could not currently afford to pay off. Sadly I fear that the clown represents the problem of many of the OWS. They remind me of the European problems with Greek protesters demanding entitlements. I mean what the Hell was this clown doing running up $20,000 on a credit card at the same time he was burying himself in a student loan. It is insane but I fear not uncommon. When I was in college back in the 90’s many of the students would cash their government assistance checks and waste much of the money on booze and drugs for their strip-twister parties instead of placing the money on their books and tuition. They were clueless!

  3. Didn’t take long for him to play the race card, with Krauthammer’s help no less.

  4. OWS is protesting the bailouts, just like the Tea Party did, but this is the lefts slant on it. There are weirdos and losers in there, just like there was in the Tea Party. Any time a movement gets that big it is pretty easy to find them. I don’t agree with everything in either movement, but I agree with both that the bailouts were B.S.

  5. […] The Occupation of Occupy Wall Street ( […]

  6. .
    The exposing of the Occupy Wall Street double standards continues.

  7. You’ve got to admit, they have some good ideas and ideology- if it weren’t for the extremism. They’ve got to know that people need that park and the streets to function within a heavily populated area the size of New York City or any other major metropolitan area.

    The notion of group consensus strikes me as an idea that sounds good, but in reality will not last long unless all the others are beat into submission and only a few are the leaders- kinda like the Japanese way of doing things. Sounds great, but in reality, it just isn’t there. Like the difference between Shogi and Shoki.

    The media has trained them to think this way. That’s easy to see by the way they provoke people, encroaching upon their rights just to get a story that promotes someone else’s rights…mainly their own.

    They dislike big corporations. Great! So do a lot of other people. Maybe they could come up with something better. So far all I’ve seen is a T-shirt mass production line promoting go nowhere slogans. It’s like Gatlinburg!

    A lot of people would like to eat healthy food. I noticed one newspaper recommended these people learn to say, “Want fries with that?” Sarcasm. Pfft! If they could market some of their organic and/or vegetarian dishes in a fast food venue-Americans need it now if not sooner-then they’d be on to a major change.

    Their communist views do not agree with me. However, I think that the thinking of others and inviting them in is rather heroic…especially in today’s world. Helping others and feeling compassion for those that have lost their homes goes a long way with me, too.

    They have a few kinks to work out. But, shutting down the NYSE won’t do any thing to make anyone’s situation better. It will make it worse for more people with the economy already on the brink. It will soon see some serious turbulence as soon as the markets start folding across the ocean.

    Trouble is brewing. Big time! Some are planning to march on Jerusalem. The ignorance of these protesters coupled with a poor economy could lead to major trouble here in the states. JMO

  8. […] The Occupation of Occupy Wall Street ( […]

  9. Winston Churchill is quoted as saying that “Democracy is the worst form of Government – except all others…

    I feel you can rephrase that old adage by replacing Democracy with Capitalism and replacing Government with Commerce in order to create a similar reality check for those that disparage our current Capitalism system.

    Over-regulation of the system leads to the same problems that economies face under Socialistic/Communistic systems -the same corruptions you find under the free market systems except you now have put the wolf (government) in charge of the hen house. Another problem you run into once government sticks its sticky fingers too far into Commerce and Trade is market stagnation. The old USSR is an example of that failure with their under-producing agriculture accompanied by their long bread/food lines.

    I felt the bailouts were basically political pandering and an attempt to create an illusion of provocativeness by the government. As I stated at the time over on QCExaminers blog –> I felt the government had backed themselves into a corner where they felt the need for political expediency with bailouts. The situation was a damned if you do/damned if you don’t choice. At the time, like the current OWS crowd, the US population were demanding the government fix the economic problems big business had created for themselves. The government understood that if they did not bailout the corporations 1) The people would understand just how clueless our legislators were in understanding the problem 2) They would look like the do-nothing Government the Democrat and Republican legislative blocs have become, costing themselves votes in future elections 3) They would lose untold dollars in campaign contributions as the Big Business Leadership would start redirecting campaign funds to those interested in their plight. It was a lose-lose situation. The Government Leadership all preferred to put out their smoke screens proclaiming themselves the Great and All-Powerful Oz. When what they all needed was to find a brain, get some courage and grow a heart. They punted instead.

    Bailouts can work. The government bailout of Chrysler (when under the leadership of Lee Iaccoca) managed to work. The difference was Iaccoca approached the government with an organized plan while the bailouts following the Wall Street crisis were simply multi-million-dollar corporations playing the part of well-dressed beggars chanting poor-poor-poor pitiful me, give me some money!

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